An interview with AHISSer Elisa, aged 11 from Italy

Elisa, Aged 11 from Italy
Where are you going on holiday next summer?

Well, I really want to go again in Scotland, to Ardmay House (AHISS).

Why are you so sure??

Because it’s AMAZING, AWESOME, INTERESTING and other THOUSAND beautiful things!!

How many times have you already been there??

I’ve been there 3 times and I hope that the next year it will be the fourth.

Tell me one of your favorite activities.

There isn’t one favorite activity, but a lot, like Gorge Walking, Weasling, the cinema night, excursions and English lessons (yes, also English lessons are the best: they are different from traditional school classes :D). I like also make new friends, so English is the base of everything!!

Tell me one thing that you will remember forever.

This year, the last night of the second week that I spent, we saw the videos that we made during the week in class about monsters: it was sooooooo funny and exciting!!!! The party at the end of the week was amazing too!!

Will you suggest AHISS to your friends??

Yes, of course. It’s the best experience I ever had, the best camp I ever tried, the best ADVENTURE I ever lived. Join with us AHISS, you will never be alone!! BETTER CAMP, BETTER LIFE.