Adventure Activities

Adventure Activities

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Our exciting outdoor activities are where AHISSers unleash their inner adventurer! From novices in the outdoors to experienced explorers, there is an adventure activity to suit everyone at AHISS!

Adventure English students take part in four activity sessions per week, while Ardmay Adventure students take part in eight activity sessions each week. Learn more about some of the activities on offer below.


Discover the magic of weaseling, an exciting exploration of caves, tunnels and holes hidden in a natural landscape of boulders and rocks. Students squeeze through holes, climb through gaps and push themselves to the limit all whilst learning about the history of Scotland’s enchanting green landscape.

raft building

Put your engineering skills to the test! Working together, students build rafts and then race against each other on Loch Long to see which design works the best.

den building

Have you ever thought of building a house in the forest? On this exciting activity students build a den from materials they discover in the wild – a roof made from branches and leaves, walls made from Scottish bracken and heather.


An adventure on the high seas! Setting off from our very own private beach, students learn how to paddle forwards, backwards and even sideways in a fun and stimulating canoe session on Loch Long.

team challenge

How about this way, no, how about that way, yes? Using a combination of team-work, communication and brain-power, students have to solve a series of problems that will test both their physical and mental skills.

gorge walking

The No.1 activity as voted by AHISSers. Gorge walking involves following the course of the river, where it slides, you slide! Including waterfall jumps, rock scrambling, climbing, crawling and more!


Find the answers as quickly as you can! Students are given the chance to explore the beautiful countryside as they compete with their classmates in a battle of speed and navigation to find a series of hidden symbols around both the grounds of Ardmay House and in a local forest.


Eskimo Roll? Is that something I eat for my lunch? Students are given the opportunity to both learn and practice the techniques required for kayaking during either an afternoon or morning session.

crate stack

Want to climb to the top of the tree but can’t reach? In Crate Stack you’ll work together in a team to try and get your crates as high as possible without them collapsing. If you like Jenga, you’ll love this extreme version.

forest walk

A classic countryside walk in the beautiful Lomond and Trossachs National Park. During the Forest Adventure, students learn and discover interesting facts about the beautiful Scottish wildlife and nature whilst getting to know their fellow AHISSers.


Find your inner Spiderman as your climb your way around the cliffs of Scotland. During climbing and abseiling sessions, students are taught to climb and abseil up and down small cliff faces under the supervision of experienced staff.