AHISS Camp Experience by Yuze, aged 12 from China

Yuze, aged 12 from China

My name is Yuze and I come from China. I come to AHISS in 2019 summer, and it’s really nice. All the staffs are kind, and they help me a lot.
I enjoy the activities of the camp very much. I like kayaking, every time we play, we will jump into the water, which is really fun.
The best thing is “evening activity”, we can do different activities every night, like hiding things and seeking it all over the camp. It’s the best part of the day.
Every Wednesday, we will go to someplace like museum where we can visit animals, know about the new science and technology, and go to shopping which we can buy some daily necessities. Then, we will go to eat fish and chips, which is famous and delicious, I really like eating, so I like it very much.
I like AHISS which give me a colorful summer, and I like the staffs and all of the teachers very much.