AHISS Camp Experience by Song Yuxuan

I stayed in Ardmay house for four days. The teachers and students were so nice. When we walked at school, students from all over the world often greeted us with smile.

I experienced different classroom learning in groups, and I liked the teaching there, it was very relaxed. The biggest challenge for me was outdoor sports, kayaking made me remember. In the beginning, I dared not go into the water, under the guidance of the teacher, I tried to paddle, and finally I was able to play the ball game in the water. We also gained friendship in the game… Here, I got a different way of learning. In just four days, I not only increased my knowledge, but also strengthened my courage to accept new things.        

The night before we were going to leave, Ardmay house specially held a wonderful party for us. The party was arranged in the school hall, and exchange students from all over the world gathered together. We played the piano as farewell gifts. I improvised playing Friendship Forever. We said goodbye to each other in a relaxed and happy time, exchanged gifts, and may our friendship last forever. I will always be in my heart for this short study tour.

Song Yuxuan