Gorge Walking

Spotlight on: Gorge Walking

Gorge Walking is the most popular activity that we do at AHISS and is 100% an activity to remember! We do this incredible adventure at Lettermay Gorge, and start by putting on our kit of wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets.  

The activity involves walking through a river, climbing over rocks and lots of jumping into pools. 

Many laughs and giggles are had while we walk up the river and try not to lose balance and then we go for a swim though the river.  

As you climb over rocks and up waterfalls, your instructors are always on hand to help you out.  You will come across a Tarzan swing to take a plunge into a deep pool and then swim over to the other side of the river. 

We save the best to last, at the end of the activity you will jump off a cliff into the bottom of a waterfall! What an experience!