Spotlight on Drumming
Spotlight on Drumming

Spotlight on: Drum Fun

At AHISS, after dinner is where the fun really starts with our jammed packed Evening Activity Programme. Run by Welfare Manager Suzi and her team of Group Leaders, our evening activities never disappoint. One of these amazing activities is ‘Drum Fun’.

Steve is the name of our music maestro (also known as The Drum Guy) who runs the evening, and he is full of energy and loves loud noises!

He will get you on your feet and drumming with a large range of drums and percussion instruments from around the world.

Students bring their energy and passion for music, rhythm and drumming to create high energetic and dynamic fun for all.  You will be split up into small teams and given a different instrument to work together to make a catchy harmonised tune.

This is an evening to make as much noise as you want! You are guaranteed a fun evening!

One student commented about the evening, “boom boom, this rocks!”.  Another said “I thought it was really good because the guy was SO funny!”